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welcome to kerry c wills : 1cre8ivemess - my new online home!
i'm so excited to showcase all the elements, excitement & color that i bring to live shows & festivals to this corner of the internet.
one added bonus is that i'm looking forward to adding new inventory much more frequently & with the ability to sync to instagram, you'll be able to see what i'm up to on a consistent basis. yay for that!
blog posts will include updates to share - about life, adventures of the w2 house & of course about creating & new products, as well as reviews!
i really appreciate you taking the time to visit - take a look around and let me know what you think. i'm always up for the challenge of a custom order and i would love to work together. 
*your screen is probably fine, as is the formatting. as mentioned in my "about me" section, i am a huge fan of lowercase letters - hence my constant use. just a little quirk that makes me, well me.*

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