Pill Better [Mini Pun]

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A happy jar of smiling pills are elevated on a rectangle with the printed words "pill better soon." Stamped in black ink are three tiny hearts and they are accented by black hand-drawn lines. Near the bottom of the card is a strip of tiny pills. The card base is tone-on-tone gridline on the outside and a polka dotted pattern on the inside.

These small cards are designed perfectly to fit in with a gift, into a lunch bag, backpack or briefcase! Although they're tiny, they are sure to make your recipient smile! Each of these cards is a one-of-a-kind style, but there’s a variety of options available. Check out the entire collection.

Product details:

These mini cards measure 3 x 3 inches. The card base and the interior are pink. One white envelope is included, but please note these cards are too small to be mailed through USPS. Each card is shipped in a clear protective sleeve.

All products are handmade by Kerry Wills.