Tag : Red Snowflakes

Tag : Red Snowflakes

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Step up your holiday packaging with these handmade tags!

Red and white striped baker's twine extends off the top of this rectangular tag which is decorated with red and white patterned paper featuring multiple sizes of snowflakes. The top red portion of this tag lifts up so that you can write a message or a person's name underneath. The bottom layer and back side of the tag are solid light grey. 

Product details:

This listing is for one holiday tag. The tag measures 1 3/4 x 3 1/8 inches. The color of the tag base is light grey. This tag is double sided and made from two layers of heavy weight cardstock. It is layered with decorative patterned paper. Tags are sturdy enough to be used more than once. Includes approximately 6 inches of red and white striped baker's twine. Tags are packaged in clear protective sleeves. 

All products are handmade by Kerry Wills.