You Are Special To Me [Lunchbox]

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These small cards are designed perfectly to fit into a lunch bag/box or a backpack and have plenty of room for words of encouragement and support! They can also be tucked in with a small gift, a briefcase or suitcase - they're not just for kids! 

"you are special to me" is stamped in black ink at the bottom of this note. Glossy hand drawn black lines surround the perimeter of the note. A small circle featuring faux stitching also has a colorful grid lined pattern. 

The base of the note and the inside are bright pink. The note measures 2.75" x 2.75" when folded and 2.75" x 6.25" when open. A half circle notch allows the note to close without the use of an envelope. 

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With the purchase of 4 or more lunchbox notes, price will decrease to $1.50 per card! Due to this discount, no other discounts will be applicable to the cart order. 

Each card is shipped in a clear protective sleeve.

All products are handmade by Kerry Wills.