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i'm back again friends and i hope you're ready for another holiday card!

the spin on the inspiration wheel landed on monochromatic for the theme of today's card and my secondary wheel landed on the color green. i thought the best option would be to create a holiday [christmas] card in various shades of green. 

while i've often been harassed about the lack of movies that i've seen [including most disney, childhood classics like frosty the snowman and movies in general] i actually have seen the movie today's sentiment comes from. granted i saw it for the first time about two years ago, but still - it counts!

 This handmade card is full of holiday spirit and is filled with a quote from an iconic holiday movie - "The Grinch!" Layers of green cardstock panels are stacked and the topmost layer features the sentiment "Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn't come from a store. Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more." The sentiment is stamped in an ombre style, with a lighter green at the top and slowly cascading into the dark green that matches the color of the card base. In the background beneath the text are three triangle shaped trees with a variety of patterns, stamped in a tone-on-tone pattern. A dark green envelope is included.

the majority of the card front is full of stamped text which quotes the famous holiday movie, "the grinch" and reads "maybe christmas he thought, doesn't come from a store. christmas  perhaps, means a little bit more." the sentiment is stamped in an ombre fade - with lighter green at the top of the sentiment and slowly cascading into a darker green that coordinates with the color of the card base. in the background, a trio of triangle trees line up along the bottom of the topmost panel and are stamped tone-on-tone. each of the three trees has a different pattern, including swirls, stars and dots. 

 An angled flat-lay of the card front, the detail in the sentiment is clear. The sentiment has been stamped in an ombre fade with various shades of green, overlaying a trio of triangle trees. The sentiment reads "Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn't come from a store. Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more." and is from the famous movie [and book] "The Grinch."

here you can see the detail in the fade of the colors throughout the sentiment as well as the coordinating colors of cardstock that are stacked onto the green card base. this card is mostly a one-layer card with all of the stamping occurring on the top layer. i debated adding in some sequins or some enamel dots, but decided after a little bit that it doesn't need it. the sentiment is pretty powerful and i like the subtle tree detail in the background. 

my stash currently has a good amount of winter holiday style handmade cards that i'll slowly be adding to my online shop, but i always enjoy creating more. surprisingly - [or maybe not] - i have quite a few holiday stamps and i never stop buying more. my personal goal is to add 10-15 new designs this year, so i'm working on those cards both inside and outside of #the100dayproject. this card is now available here. there's a few cards already in the shop and you can see them in the winter holiday category here

that's a wrap for the card details today - i spent some time today mapping out a new organizational project and i hope to share details and photos later this week! i hope you're enjoying your weekend! 

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